Recapitalizations and Restructurings

Origin Merchant Partners provides a full range of financial advisory services to address the capital structure needs and issues of our clients. Clients facing balance sheet challenges through over leveraging, shareholder succession or assistance sorting through the wide array of capital sourcing alternatives beyond conventional debt and equity, engage Origin Merchant Partners to establish a suitable capital structure.

Recapitalization. Clients looking for assistance with shareholder transition, partial exits or greater stability in their capital structure engage Origin Merchant Partners to establish a recapitalization process to meet their needs. We provide guidance throughout the process, assist in negotiating terms and provide impartial advice about the merits of the various alternatives.

Restructuring. Throughout the business cycle a company will face pressure to reorganize its operational, capital, or ownership structure to optimize for its present needs. We will assess strategic and financial alternatives, assist in the negotiation between affected parties, and help source additional capital to support the business.

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