September 2016: Origin Merchant Partners Advises Continental Ingredients Canada Inc. on Sale to Quadra Chemicals Ltd.

cicOrigin Merchant Partners is pleased to announce that Continental Ingredients Canada Inc. (“CIC”) has completed its sale to Quadra Chemicals Ltd. (“Quadra”).

Origin Merchant Partners acted as exclusive financial advisor to CIC with respect to this transaction.

Continental Ingredients Canada Inc. is a leading independent provider of food ingredient solutions, specializing in the design and application of functional ingredient systems that impart the desired body and texture characteristics, shelf life stability, and flavour to processed foods, beverage and dairy products.

Quadra Chemicals Ltd. is a Canadian distributor of both nutritional and functional specialty and commodity chemicals. Quadra has grown to be Canada’s third largest chemical and ingredient distributor and the seventh largest in North America.

Origin Senior Leads: Jim Osler, Andrew Muirhead

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